Senior Promposals

Need a date or a way to ask someone to the prom? Well, this senior grade with prom in two weeks have had many promposals that were very exciting. Many students were asked either person to person, on the phone, notes, posters, gifts, singing to the person, or writing Prom out in the sand. There is always so much to do with prom on its way. For the girls we have to find a dress and get our hair and makeup done to look fly on prom night and for the boys they need a tux and they need their hair to be perfect by the special night. Together everyone will look beautiful, whether you are with your friends or your date.

Some of the dates that are going together are Sam Apple and Connor McKeown, Emily Defalco and Ethan Bodine, Megan Peropat and Will Gannon, Patrick Suchecki and Sadie Ruiz, and many many more. The ways these couples were asked were very cute and totally high school. First, I’ll tell you about how Connor asked Sam! One day in school we had a special event where we were voting for Mr. Saint Rose. Connor went last because little did we know he was planning a promposal. For his talent, he sang “bet on it” from High School Musical. Towards the end of the song he ran up to Sam with a sign that read “We’re gonna have a good time at PROM, you can BET ON IT!” It was very crazy in the gym filled with the entire school during this moment. Sam said yes with ease to her new date which soon after won Mr. Saint Rose! It was a very eventful day for Sam, Connor and the entire school!

By Elizabeth Lovin Marsciano ’18

How to Prepare for Final Exams

Final exams are between you and the start of your summer. It is easy to lose focus as final exams approach with the nice weather and the thoughts of summer but it is crucial to remain concentrated on school. It is important to be begin to create a plan of action for studying. It can seem like a daunting task but if you manage your time and stay on top of your assignments finals can be a breeze.

Here are my five tips as you prepare for final exams:


  • Begin studying a few days before the exam. Don’t wait until the night before to fill out study guides and make flash cards. Do all of this in advance.
  • Complete all the study guides your teachers hand out. These will provide you with almost everything you need to know for the exam and are crucial to your success. Some teachers even offer extra credit for completing the entire study guide.
  • Make flashcards, a Quizlet, or diagrams to organize your notes. These methods will allow you to master the content on the exams while organizing it in a way that is easier to remember and easier to read.
  • Attend any review sessions your teachers have before or after school. Going to these review sessions will allow you to ask questions and get clarification on important topics.
  • Go to bed early and eat a good breakfast before the exam. Most of us forget the importance of this step but it will allow you to focus throughout the exam and do your best.


Keeping these five tips in mind will lead you to success on your exams. Also you can utilize the National Honor Society and World Language Honor Society tutors to help you with any subjects you are struggling with. Utilize all the resources available during a stressful and crucial time.

Before you know it exam week will be over and it will be summer. Establish your study plan now so you are prepared when finals begin.

Happy studying and good luck!

By Sheila Magrini ’19

What 12 Years of Catholic School Meant to Me

     Starting out in kindergarten, I never really realized the difference between my Catholic school and the school all my neighborhood friends went to. All I ever wondered was why I didn’t get to go to school with them. As second grade came around and I received my communion, a lot changed. This was a huge eye opener for me and I began to appreciate all that my school had to offer. I finally understood the reasoning behind mass every Sunday, and every first Friday of the month. I found myself getting excited for it because I was learning new things about this amazing faith I was born into. I finally understood the reasoning for having a period dedicated to learning about God. I started asking questions and becoming more curious.

        I loved showing up to mass after a morning soccer game and feeling so special to be able to go up and receive the bread representing God’s body. Through my next sacrament of confirmation, I was older and much more mature and became to appreciate what my parents have done for me by sending me to a Catholic school. The entire setting, the people I was blessed to be around each and every day, and the amazing education I was given has built me into the person I am today.
        When high school came around, I knew I wanted to continue this type of education, and thankfully my parents were completely on board. Within these four years, my relationship with God has grown more than expected. Through the numerous amounts of obstacles high school has thrown at me, I have been able to turn to him for absolutely anything. I am so thankful to have someone to just reflect with and help me get through the losses in my life. It is going to be a great feeling to walk down at graduation knowing my morals and beliefs remained in tact due to my Catholic education for these past four years. I am very excited to continue this in college and for the rest of my life. I am the person I am today due to Catholic school and this is something I will cherish forever.

By Brittany Lopes ’18


On this past Monday, May 14, 2018, Saint Rose High School’s art department presented the faculty, students, and families with a night to remember! The Saint Rose High School art department had their annual art show, also known as Serendipity. This unique event allowed the students from various art classes at Saint Rose High School to show off their talents and artistic abilities. Students form a variation of art courses were able to present their artwork for everyone to see, admire, and critique. Some of the classes in which students displayed their art from were visual art classes, AP art, foundations of art, as well as graphic design and photography. This wide range of areas in the art field allowed the various individuals who attended to see all of the abilities Saint Rose High School students possess. Saint Rose High School allows their students to express themselves in a wide range of both creative and unique ways. Most of the students who participate in the art classes are unique, creative individuals who have a true passion for the arts, some of which who will continue to pursue careers in, in the near future. Similarly, Saint Rose High School Senior, Dillon Ventura stated, “I am very thankful for Saint Rose High School’s art department and its great teachers who have truly helped me develop a passion for art. I am excited to continue learning about the arts as I pursue my future career in graphic design.”

As well as the visual arts, Serendipity also was an amazing opportunity for individuals to display their other unique talents. For instance, the choir performed and showed their graceful and truly amazing talent in voices which are meant to be heard. At the show there were also different musical performances, some of which by Mr. Perino, Saint Rose High School teacher, as well as Alec Kunken, Saint Rose High School Senior. Peter Jurlina, Saint Rose High School Senior also performed a musical piece on the piano wonderfully. As choir member and Saint Rose High School Junior, Jada Weedon, stated, “I was truly amazed by all of the talent that the students at our school have! I am so blessed to have met so many other creative people who share similar interests as me!”

Therefore, the art show, Serendipity, was a great favorite for all those who attended. It was a great chance to explore and witness the great abilities each student at Saint Rose High School possesses. We are truly blessed to have great faculty and staff who are so supportive and hardworking with each and every student. The art teacher’s, Miss Fulton and Mrs. Sikorski truly put together a wonderful night which will most definitely not be forgotten!

By Madison Kinnevy ’18

Highlight on 4 of the Top Ten

On Monday, April 23, eight St. Rose seniors were added to the Top Ten alongside Alexandria Fazzari and Sheila Magrini, Valedictorian and Salutatorian. Mass was celebrated to honor these students and their hard work over the course of the past four years, and to inspire the underclassmen to work hard. The eight students added to the Top Ten were announced by Sister Kathy in alphabetical order, these students are: Kerriann Cooper, Amaya Escandon, Megan Kendall, Megan Peropat, Taylor Reilly, David Schuld, Lauren Taylor, and Caitlin Wilson.

Taylor Reilly will be attending Stevens Institute of Technology in the fall and is extremely excited to do so, she will be the only St. Rose student to continue to this school.  While at Stevens, she will major in Biomedical Engineering and participate in the 4+1 co-op internship program.

David Schuld, along with leading the St. Rose Bowling team to state victory, is also the only male in this years’ Top Ten. He will be attending Monmouth University in the fall, and will go in undecided. He is extremely honored to be in the Top Ten and to see how his hard work paid off over the past four years.

Lauren Taylor has pushed herself academically during her time at St. Rose, she has filled her schedule with AP classes and extracurriculars and is so proud to be in the Top Ten. In the fall, Lauren will be attending Drexel University studying Engineering. Lauren is so excited to study at this research university.

Caitlin Wilson will join Salutatorian Shelia Magrini, and fellow Top Ten member Megan Peropat at Catholic University in the fall. Caitlin will be double majoring in Politics and Spanish on the Pre-Law track. She is grateful to her teachers and her experiences at St. Rose, and is looking forward to working hard at Catholic!

By Katherine Flynn ’18

Kairos Retreat

Here at Saint Rose High School, the tradition of the Kairos Retreat occurs three times throughout the school year.  Once in October and February where all the seniors are invited to attend. However, in the spring, certain juniors are invited to attend in preparation for possible leadership next year.  This May, fifteen juniors were invited to enjoy kKairos along side of two other seniors. They will be led by three senior leaders who have attended Kairos in the past, David Calloway, Caitlyn Coyle, and Ethan Tombs.  Accompanying them, the adult chaperones that will attend are Sister Kathleen Boyle, Mrs. Collins, Ms. Mantlick, Mrs. Hannah, and Mr. Critelli.  Two of these chaperones are experiencing Kairos for the very first time!

It is truly an honor to be invited to attend Kairos. As juniors, it is an exciting experience because they will most likely be asked to return in their senior year, except this time, as leaders.  As they attend Kairos in May, they prepare to learn the art of leading their fellow classmates next year. The selected juniors this year include Jamie Bassi, Maeve Cosgrove, Luke Fahy, Matt Forlenza, Mary Gowen, Emma Gould, Dillion Groh, Angela Hickey, Lauren Hickey, Grace Martis, Samantha Mikos, Luke Remail, Tim Schall, Joey Urspruch, and Jada Weedon

Although the whole Kairos retreat is a secret to everyone except those attending, the main idea is to grow in their relationships with their classmates and God.  It is a time to branch away from the outside world and technology and includes time for reflection and the bettering of oneself. The retreat is taking place May 14th-May 17th and each day of the four day retreat is a special time.  Each day holds something new and will be days in these students lives that they will never be forgotten.

By Emily Brown ’18

Girls Varsity Lacrosse Senior Day

    On May 1, 2018, the Saint Rose Girls Varsity Lacrosse team held their annual Senior day. The day was created to honor and commemorate the Seniors on the team who have put in so much hard work and dedication throughout their four years of playing on the Saint Rose High School lacrosse team. The seniors on the team include Caitlin Wilson and Megan Peropat, who will both be attending Catholic University in the fall, Megan Kendall, who will going to the University of Notre Dame, Megan Merkler attending Providence college, and Kailah Cummings who is attending the University of Rhode Island. All of these seniors were honored by the underclassman and coaches at their final home game of the season. The girls had many surprises waiting for them during the game. Firstly when the girls arrived at the Saint Rose field, they were greeted by the rest of the team, both Varsity and JV, and were flooded with love and excitement for their day and the game.

The girls were surprised with generous gifts from their teammates, that included a monogrammed Hydro Flask reusable water bottle, as well as a matching tote bag with each of the seniors monogram imprinted on it. The girls then, prior to their exciting game against Saint John Vianney, had the opportunity to get called to the center of the field and receive purple and yellow roses and take a senior photo and photo with each other families. The girls also were also excited to see beautifully decorated posters and their lacrosse photo headshots blown up big for them as their teammates held up and cheered them on during this very special game. Caitlin Wilson, Senior and player on the team for four years, described her day as “ incredible, and a day I will never forget and always look back to with happy memories.” Senior day is such an amazing opportunity  for all the girls so thank you seniors for all your time and dedication. Good luck to each one of you in college and in all you hope to do in the coming years!

By Ashley Bock ’18

Highlight on 4 of the Top Ten

On Monday, April 23, eight students were added to the Top Ten in the Senior class, joining their classmates Alexandria Fazzari and Sheila Magrini, who were awarded Valedictorian and Salutatorian, respectively. Mass was celebrated to honor the students for their academic achievements, and is a great opportunity to encourage underclassmen to strive for scholastic excellence. The eight students to round out the Top Ten were announced by Sister Kathy in alphabetical order at the end of Mass, and each was given purple and gold cords that they will wear at graduation as a mark of their accomplishments. The Top Ten consists of Kerriann Cooper, Amaya Escandon, Megan Kendall, Megan Peropat, Taylor Reilly, David Schuld, Lauren Taylor, Caitlin Wilson, and of course, the Valedictorian Alex Fazzari and Salutatorian Sheila Magrini.

Kerriann Cooper will be attending Fairfield University in the fall, and will be the only St. Rose Senior to do so, which Kerri feels is both exciting and daunting. She plans to study business, and is looking forward to beginning the next step towards her future.

Amaya Escandon will be attending New York University next year with plans to study foreign relations. She is honored to have been recognized for her academic achievements from her time here, and feels that her successes in the classroom enabled her to attend such a prestigious university.

Next year, Megan Kendall will be attending The University of Notre Dame, and is currently undecided as to what her intended major will be, but is hoping to find an interest that can become a career while she is in college.

Megan Peropat will be attending The Catholic University of America in the fall and is planning to study nursing. She was very excited to have achieved this accomplishment and feels that it was a nice surprise.

These four young women are committed to academic excellence and will undoubtedly continue to be as we wish them good luck in college and success in their future endeavors!

Check Back next year for a highlight on four more of the students.

By Caitlin Wilson ’18

Top Ten Mass


On Monday, April 23rd, St. Rose High School celebrated the annual Top Ten Mass to recognize the ten students of the Class of 2018 with the highest averages. Back in January, the two highest of the class were announced as Valedictorian and Salutatorian. The Valedictorian title of the Class of 2018 was given to Alex Fazzari. Salutatorian was awarded to Shiela Magrini. Monday’s Mass honored the remaining 8 students that worked incredibly hard over the past 4 years. The students named are receiving a huge accomplishment by making it to the top of the Senior class. Every student worked incredibly hard to be up on the altar in front of their class. The students took countless A.P’.s and Honors classes, on top of outside activities, and studies hours upon hours to achieve the averages that put them at the top. The Mass brings a lot of joy and pride to the students, especially as a fellow Senior classmate. It genuinely feels as if it were just yesterday the Class of 2018 were Freshman sitting in the pews watching the Top Ten Mass of the graduating class. Now the Seniors sat and watched each of their top 8 be called up alphabetically and proudly applauded. Time is winding to an end and the students are preparing to go off to college, and this Mass finalizes the idea in everyone’s heads. Congratulations to Kerriann Cooper, Amaya Escandon, Megan Kendall, Megan Peropat, Taylor Reilly, David Schuld, Lauren Taylor, and Caitlin Wilson. These students pushed hard to make their name in the sea of Senior students. We are so proud of these students on their accomplishments and know they will continue to achieve greatness as they continue their educational journey at college.

By Erin McDermott ’18

Senior Breakfast

On May 7th, the seniors gathered in the gym for their annual Senior Breakfast. They were given the opportunity to dress down and wear their college apparel, and take professional pictures in them. These pictures are used to make the poster that hanging in the guidance hall so the rest of the school an see what colleges were popular amongst the seniors this year. Each student got an appointment time for the picture to show of the school of their choice. A bountiful of food was available to the students, including eggs, bacon, muffins, bagels, and an array of fruit. The students were able to socialize and take many pictures with each other to preserve the memory of this special day. This event was sponsored by our alumni association, with the students being given a chance to donate 5$ for their first alumni donation. In return, the students received customized Vineyard Vines accessories, makeup bags for the girls and ties for the boys, which were striped in purple and gold. This was one of the last times that the seniors would be all together before Baccalaureate Mass and graduation, so it was a great opportunity for them to be together. Congratulations to all of the seniors for being accepted and choosing their perfect college and we wish them luck over the next 4 years of their education process.

By Sam Apple ’18